Demand for classes is very high at the moment and many have waiting lists.  Unfortunately, there are a few members, who are booking multiple classes across the week and not attending, leading to much frustration for instructors, who want a full class, and fellow members, who haven’t been able to book on to classes.

Please consider other members.  If you can no longer attend your class, contact us, allowing plenty of time, so that we can offer the place to someone else. 

If you call the reception team and are unable to get through, please leave a message.  You can also email us at if you are unable to get through but always phone in the first instance.

We are monitoring bookings very carefully and anyone found to be booking and skipping multiple classes, without letting us know, will be sent an email reminding them to contact us.  If they persist in booking and not showing, we will block online bookings for one week.