The biggest and friendliest
dual-use and community-led sports club in South East London.

Local, Fresh and Sustainable

Copper Beech Café (CBC), situated directly next to JAGS Sports Club, is the perfect oasis to enjoy homemade food, great coffee and locally sourced products. Modern in design, the café hosts monthly exhibitions from local artists and multiple workshops for adults and kids.
The landscaped area outside is surrounded by plants and dotted with picnic benches, which surround the integral copper beech tree.  Copper Beech Café is committed to recycling and all packaging is compostable and sustainable, including our bioplastic containers and straws. For further information regarding exhibitions, private hire and workshops, please visit our website.
Café opening hours are as follows:

Opening times are as follows to public:

Monday:  8-9am & 4-7pm

Tuesday:  4-7pm

Wednesday:  8-9am & 4-7pm

Thursday:  4-7pm

Friday:  8-9am & 4-7pm

Weekend:  8am-5pm

Holidays:  8am-6pm

Sorry no dogs!

Latest Exhibition

Catherine Long is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in contemporary dance. Her work uses painting, dance, video and sculpture to explore the materiality of the body. This interest in physicality extends to the qualities of materials and how movement and gesture interact with them. Recently, painting has come to the foreground of her practice as a way of exploring the psychosomatic connection between body and mind.

Catherine’s current work is a meditation upon the physicality of the body, injury and the body’s capacity for healing. Colour has become very important to her work, both in terms of thinking through processes of injury and healing that are inscribed on the body and in terms of colour as a focal point, a way of staying grounded and present.