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March 13, 2018

Results of the members survey

Members survey results

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the recent survey at JAGS Sports Club, and congratulations to Cathy Payne, who will enjoy a month of complimentary family membership, as the winner of the competition.

Direct feedback from members enables the service and range of facilities to be continually improved and developed, and each and every comment has been discussed and considered by the team.

The results confirmed that members are overall extremely satisfied with their membership at JAGS Sports Club, with 90% of members describing the range of facilities as good or excellent, 96% verifying they have regular communication from the Club, and 97% likely to recommend a friend to the facility.

The following points highlight individual responses in the survey, raised by two or more members. Each section includes a response or plan of action from the Club.

Cleaning of poolside changing rooms

Throughout the winter months it is challenging to keep the poolside changing rooms clean, and the Club appreciates members using blue shoe covers and wiping their feet on the way in to the Club, to ensure these areas stay as clean as possible. However, more regular cleaning will be implemented during the weekends, especially after swim lessons, and the new cleaning rota will be regularly revisited and assessed to ensure this is happening. If you do not feel the changing rooms meet your level of expectation with regards to cleanliness, please let us know and we will rectify the issue immediately. Please be aware that in order to meet the demand of cleaning, male Sports Assistants will clean female changing rooms on occasions.

Additions to the class timetable

The Club will be introducing Advanced Pilates on Saturdays, following the Easter break. This will operate on an invite only basis, and the instructor will notify anyone already taking part in Saturday morning Pilates, if she feels they would benefit from the more advanced class. Yoga is clearly a very popular class, and there is a new instructor teaching Iyengar Yoga on Friday evenings. The Club offers six yoga sessions a week and doesn’t plan to introduce any further classes at this stage. Please let us know at any time if you require further information about the range of yoga sessions at the Club.

Additions to adult courses

The sports development team is exploring additional courses, including Adult Swimming and Advanced Tennis. If you would like to express an interest in either of these courses, please email Dean Allard at sportsdevelopment@jagssportssclub.co.uk

Contacting the Club

At busy times the phone may ring for a long time due to receptionists being on other calls or dealing with customers at the desk. Last year, the Club introduced a voicemail system and aims to respond to voicemails within two hours of the message being left. We are now exploring the option of a call waiting system, and hope to install this within the next few months, to ensure calls are acknowledged even when the reception team are not able to immediately take them.


Occasionally there are casual staff on reception, but every member of staff should be trained to a high standard and informed about everything happening at the Club. Customer service training will be revisited to ensure members always feel welcome and acknowledged. However, there are times that the Club is extremely busy and patience towards the staff during these periods is really appreciated. If you encounter unfriendly or unhelpful staff at the Club, please email clubmanager@jagssportsclub.co.uk

Spot checks

The Club is not able to implement turnstiles at the entrance due to the size of corridors, school use, and also weekend and holiday classes for children, who may not be members. However, we appreciate member co-operation and ask that members always carry membership cards and swipe in when arriving at the Club. Please do not enter the Club through the café or side entrance. Duty Managers will be operating more regular spot checks around the Club and may ask to see your card at any time.