Survey Feedback

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our recent survey.  This is a really effective way of hearing member views and we had a fantastic response.  Surveys will take place every three months so please do continue to take part if you have feedback to offer, whether it’s positive or constructive, we’d love to hear!

The main points that were raised (by multiple members) include:

  • Cleanliness in wet side changing rooms
  • Maintenance issues
  • Gym equipment
  • Phone waiting times

In response to this, we have:

  • Repeatedly communicated that members should take shoes off or use overshoes before going into the changing rooms or onto the poolside
  • Made pool shoe covers more visible and accessible by placing holders in the reception area
  • Employed a cleaner to work on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings in conjunction with swimming lessons, to ensure cleaning levels are meeting high standards
  • Employed a Maintenance Manager, who will be starting in the New Year.   If there is anything you have seen that needs fixing, it’s always good to let staff at reception know, or email
  • Arranged for new LED lighting to be installed in the Sports Hall over the Christmas holidays
  • Put plans into place to replace all equipment in the main gym in the Easter holidays in 2022.  During this period, we will offer a number of additional cardio and weights based classes

The phones are a priority for staff, but it is not always possible to answer them as quickly as we want to, if we are dealing with customers at reception.  Over the past two years, we have moved multiple club and class bookings online, such as Holiday Kids Club, to free up the phones.  However, we appreciate how frustrating it can be when members can’t get through on the phones and we will endeavor to do better.  Please, where possible, book classes online rather than calling in.  If you require your pin number for online booking, please email

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