Pool Users – Update

Due to the change in weather conditions, we now require all users of the pool to take their shoes off or wear shoe covers before going onto poolside.  Please bring flip flops or slide on shoes where possible.  If you do require shoe covers, please keep them for your next visit so that we can keep plastic use to a minimum.

Social distancing is essential at all times when using the Club and also applies to pool use.  Please consider other swimmers when using the pool.   Remember to:

  • Choose your lane based on your speed and the speed of others using the pool (i.e. you may not be in the same lane each time you visit)
  • Move to a slower lane if you find that you are being overtaken constantly
  • Move to a faster lane if you are overtaking everyone in your lane
  • Slow your pace if you are much faster than everyone else in the fast lane
  • Step to one side so that people can easily pass you if you are resting between lengths
  • Keep moving – don’t stand in the pool and chat with others
  • Avoid racing
  • Get out of the pool as soon as the session has ended

Swimmers are reminded that lifeguards have been trained to save lives and manage the pool.  Therefore, if you are swimming at a pace that is deemed to be too fast or slow for your lane, you may be asked to move or adjust your pace accordingly.  You will also be notified if you are swimming in the middle of the lane and encroaching on the space of other swimmers.

Please respect our staff.   Everyone is working extremely hard to uphold measures set out by Swim England and to ensure the best possible experience for all.

The Management at JAGS Sports Club will not tolerate rude or abusive behaviour towards our staff under any circumstances.

Thank you to the vast majority of swimmers who respect our staff and other swimmers.

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