Important Notice for Swimmers

We’re thrilled to have re-opened the wonderful pool at JAGS Sports Club this week!  In line with Swim England regulations, please note the following:

  • The poolside shower is available at the beginning of the session only for one person at a time
  • Please understand we have a short period to clean before the next session begins and therefore the shower is not available at the end of the session
  • Where possible, use the toilet before your session starts.  If you need to use the toilet during your swim please go via the wet corridor to the changing room toilets
  • Keep moving at all times – lifeguards will ask you to move if you are blocking the ends of the pool
  • If you are training and doing laps, please get out of the pool on your break and wait away from the pool edge so that people can pass at a safe distance
  • Racing is not permitted in the pool
  • Stick to the correct lane.  If you are overtaking people, move to a faster lane.  If you are being overtaken a lot, move to a slower lane
  • We can not hire out any equipment.  You may bring your own floats and noodles, but please do not bring flippers or snorkels
  • Keep a safe distance at all time when in the pool

These are guidelines set out by the Government.  Please respect our staff when they ask you to adhere to the rules.  

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