What People Say

Adam Kay

I started off at JAGS just using the pool and gym to get fit on a single membership. Then I started to bring my kids down to do swimming lessons, then they wanted to start coming to the fun float sessions and now they are climbing on the climbing wall. In a similar way my wife popped along to just do some yoga and pilates sessions as my guest and now she’s a member. Thinking about it I spend half my life at the Club!! It's the most lively and fun place in Dulwich... Just great!

Adam Kay

Alix Pryde

I do a lot of Aerobics and Mind and Body Classes at the Club. I think it's great value. Usually I do a yoga session and go for a swim which really relaxes me after a full day at work. I find the staff welcoming and friendly and the place is always clean. Also being a member I get to park in the car park which is great as it's less than a 20 metre walk from the main entrance to my car. I have also booked a few children's parties at the Club. The set up is good and the best thing is I don’t have any rubbish to clear away afterwards as the staff take care of it all for me... perfect.

Alix Pryde

Isreal Horovitz

My wife and I were 1st time users of JAGS Sports Club during the London Olympics this past summer. We live in NYC but have a 2nd home in East Dulwich. Somehow, we'd never visited JAGS Sports Club before and were both thrilled to discover such a clean, modern, complete facility. Gill swims a mile, daily, and I have had to replace my outdoor running with indoor elliptical trainers. JAGS' pool is a wonder, and the weight training equipment in the gym is 1st rate. JAGS Sports Club is a marvellous resource for the community.

Israel Horovitz, playwright and director, and Gillian Adams Horovitz, former English National Marathon Champion and Record-Holder


I love the Club. I joined a few years ago after a friend dragged me along to a class. When I was told it was on a school site I was expecting Grange Hill but in all honesty it’s the cleanest and friendliest Sports Club I have ever used. Everyone’s really approachable and open to suggestions and there is nothing better than a swim in the beautiful pool after a work out...total bliss.

Sandra Mclean

Isabelle Manevy for test

In the last two years I have lost two waist sizes, flattened my stomach and got muscles in places I didn't know I had muscles. I think Schwarzenegger is still safe, but thanks to JAGS I’ve been able to work hard at Circuits, Body-Conditioning, Zumba, Cardio-Tone and (in summer) the aqua-workouts in the pool.

More recently, I have done the beginners’ and intermediate climbing courses on the climbing wall (a fantastic addition to the range of available activities at JAGS) - climbing is an excellent workout in itself.

Isabelle Manevy